canna carnaval miffy box


available next season in February 2024

make your garden colorful with miffy! it is spring and miffy is going to prepare her garden for wonderful blooming in the summer. heritage collection helps her with it, there she can find flowers in different colors, shapes and sizes. what color do you want to put in your garden? red, yellow, white or mixed? do you want to have strong, tall or cute, small flowers? fragrant or not? check the miffy’s heritage collection and choose your favorite flowers!

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originate from holland


add a tropical and exotic flare to your garden with canna carnaval. large, upright broad leaves and spikes of bright orange flowers with golden edges. perfect for containers or in the garden. plant in the spring after the last frost and enjoy these blooms late spring to fall. lift in fall and store in a dry cool place. they are not winter hardy.

  • flower height: 50-60 cm
  • color of flowers: orange
  • available: from march
  • planting period: march, apr, may (after the frost)
  • flowering period: may-oct


  • light: sun to half shade
  • quantity: 1 bulb
  • packaging size: 9x5x16 cm
  • not suitable for children under 3 years. for use under adult supervision.

packing contents:

  • 1 canna carnaval

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