miffy’s spring diorama


this green crafting package will help children learn all about planting and taking care of flower bulbs in a playful way. literally bring miffy to your garden!

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originate from holland


create and look at miffy’s flower garden! take the bulbs out of the box. there are ten stars on the box, push gently on the stars and fold the cardboard inside. close the box and look at miffy’s spring garden through the hole

loosen the soil and dig a hole with your trowel. place the recess of miffy on the earth and plant the bulbs with the tip side up in the right place. cover the bulb with soil and gently press the soil. water your garden as necessary, even if the bulbs are not in bloom yet

  • color of flowers: red
  • available: from march
  • planting period: march, april, may (after the frost)
  • flowering period: april-july


  • light: sun to half shade
  • quantity: 20 bulbs
  • not suitable for children under 3 years. for use under adult supervision.

packing contents:

  • 20 gladiolus traderhorn

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