let’s gather, play and puzzle in miffy style! it’s all easy to find on our webshop! miffy puzzles are great for miffy’s youngest fans in various stages of their lives. find puzzles and other toys here and discover an interactive world of play!

miffy puzzles and toys in miffy town

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with generations growing up with miffy, the games and toys are here for various ages. for miffy’s puzzles, there will always be an age indication displayed on the box. the more complicated puzzles could be a great family activity, where parents who may have grown up with miffy themselves, can team up with the younger miffy fans! the puzzle collection consists of:

  • 12 – 24 piece miffy puzzles
  • miffy book cover puzzle 1000 pieces
  • miffy portraits puzzle 500 pieces
  • miffy puzzle 1000 pieces

with new editions, styles and levels added often. the variety of miffy puzzles makes a great educational gift or surprise!

order miffy toys and games online at miffy town

in miffy town’s webshop, you’ll find a wide range of miffy products such as decorations, puzzles, and plush toys. whether it’s a back-to-school item or a baby’s first plush toy: miffy has been a part of generations growing up. find miffy gifts for miffy fans in all age groups, or read more about dick bruna and miffy to get to know them better. are you curious to get to know miffy better than ever before? keep an eye out for our miffy experience coming soon at miffy town, where all of your questions about miffy will be answered!

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