flower bulbs

now you can buy your flower bulbs in the usa! here you can find everything retated to miffy garden, miffy flower bulbs and other plants and flowers to grow. have a look and choose your favorites!

planting miffy flower bulbs

roll up those sleeves and start planting!

how fun is it to plant your very own miffy flower bulbs! these seasonal bulbs bring a lot of color to your garden with our great selection of different kinds of flower bulbs. we got red, yellow, white, pink and even mixed colors! so why not roll up your sleeves, grab a shovel and play in the garden!

discover an unique variety of bulbs

the amount of different kinds of flower bulbs is constantly increasing on the webshop of miffytown. so always stay tuned for new products! during fall we have a great selection of bulbs that you can plant, in order to get great colorful flowers in spring. and during spring season, you can plant summer flower bulbs for next summer! be sure to check out our current collection of flower bulbs.

buy flower bulbs from the netherlands

the high quality flower bulbs come all the way from the netherlands. and we all know that this country knows all about great flowers! miffy herself is also dutch, so it does make a lot of sense. she has her own miffy garden to play with all her favorite flowers. with our products, you can do the same!

now temporarily available: spring bulbs! 🇳🇱 all the way from holland 🌷 get beautiful colors in summer buy now
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