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wanna enjoy miffy with a lot of friends, classmates or even your whole family? miffy welcomes you all! check out our information about groups at miffytown and plan your visit right away.

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the green space

come to miffytown and plant your own flower bulbs!

miffy brings the playful element to education about plants and nature. with beautifully decorated flower containers and flowers in miffy style, it’s the first way to introduce children to plants and nature. besides the miffy products, the green space will be filled with educational aspects and fun, to gradually learn more.

gardening tools for young & old, beautiful flower bulbs and so much more come to life in miffy’s green space!

green space fall bulb event
yellow flower white flower Illustrations Dick Bruna Β© copyright Mercis bv, 1953 - 2023

the story book

get to know miffy better than ever before. who is miffy? and how old is miffy? all of your questions will be answered in the miffy experience. this whole place is breathing miffy and it’s like a real immersion into the history and present-day representation of this worldwide icon. get to know the many aspects of miffy, dick bruna and this part of our culture in the miffy experience.

the experience
girl reading miffy goes flying, in a yellow rocking chair
Illustrations Dick Bruna Β© copyright Mercis bv, 1953 - 2023
girl building with soft blocks miffy holding a balloon

be creative with miffy

ready for some good times? play together with your friends and experience miffy like you’ve never done before! build, draw, jump, laugh and relax here at miffytown. make sure to open up your creative side!

the experience
Illustrations Dick Bruna Β© copyright Mercis bv, 1953 - 2023
meet miffy, who is miffy
Illustrations Dick Bruna Β© copyright Mercis bv, 1953 - 2023

upcoming events

there are currently no events planned

My girls had a great time at this local kid friendly place! They planted their own flowers to take home and enjoyed coloring and looking at all the Miffy souvenirs.

Elizabeth Vacheresse
boris with flowers

This place is amazing and the only one in the United States. Treat your kids to a fun filled day of interactive games,coloring and planting their own flowers to take home,they can have a Miffytown helper read a story,they can watch Miffy cartoons++**ALL FREE OF CHARGE**++ They also offer a gift shop with well made merchandise.

Ronald Miller
miffy beachball

We took our 2 and 4 year old girls and they loved it! They have different stations to play, read stories, make a craft, put puzzles together and just be kids! The girls working were nice and friendly. It's a very nice and clean place.Β 

Alisa W.