magnets, keychains and pins

stick around with our miffy magnets! you can place them on your fridge, for example, to enjoy miffy’s company, even in the kitchen. we have all kinds of cool magnets you can choose from. which one do you prefer?

decorate your home with miffy magnets

who doesn’t like magnets? they are really fun because they can remind you of good times. pick your favorite miffy magnet and place them wherever you want! our magnets are in dutch blue (delft blue). they are a great gift for any miffy fan out there. do you want to create a smile on somebody’s face? give them a miffy magnet as a present!

enjoy the nostalgia with the miffy keychain

carry your own miffy with you during your travels! with our cute miffy keychains, miffy will always be with you. we have them in different colors, sizes and shapes:

  • do you love soft miffy’s? than our handmade corduroy or cotton keychains will put a smile on your face!
  • we also have amazing acryllic miffy keychains, in all kinds of different colors!
  • or do you prefer our wooden keychains depicting miffy?

show to the world that you love miffy with your own miffy keychain!

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