the miffy lamps are famous all over the world.

their design, together with the iconic miffy makes a beautiful, warm and cozy illuminated room for miffy fans. a trusted friend in the children’s bedroom, or a family collector’s item for the living room. find your miffy lamp in our webshop.

miffy light bundles

a miffy lamp for everyone and everywhere

miffy lighting is here for the youngest miffy fans’ rooms, but definitely for every other age as well. it could be a great conversation starter to have a miffy lamp in the living room! find various designs of miffy lighting in our webshop, for the baby’s first lamp, or for a touch of light and design in your living room. they are truly one of our “brightest” housewares you can find in our shop!

buy your miffy light for a good night sleep

a miffy lamp offers a unique and charming lighting solution for kids of all ages. even the smallest children can easily flip the light switch on and off, and it really has a calming and relaxing effect. great for when it is time for bed!

what kind of miffy light is your favorite? we have miffy (of course), but maybe you like snuffy more? and what about miffy’s other friends boris and lion? they all look adorable when they are filled with light.

choose between different miffy lights

our miffy lamps come in different sizes. we have them in baby size but also for toddlers. they like to squeeze the miffy lamp and turn the light switch on and off. we also have big miffy lights that can be displayed on the ground. it really gives a nice atmosphere for a living room. enjoy a whole new world of light with our miffy lamp collection!

important to know about our miffy lamps

we care for the safety and sustainability that comes with our miffy products. that includes our miffy lights as well! buying a miffy lamp from our webshop includes:

  • LED source, which is a sustainable form of illumination. all our miffy lamps contain LED lighting.
  • a lot of our miffy lights are dimmable, which means they won’t have to be switched on at full power all the time.
  • our bigger bunny lamps are rechargeable and can last for multiple nights, no need for unnecessary batteries!
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