we all know that dinner tastes just that extra bit better with a miffy cutlery set. find different sizes and variations of exclusive miffy silverware in our product overview below.

miffy giant money box polished

a great collection of miffy silverware

enjoy our broad collection of silverware for every ocassion at home! in our webshop we have cute miffy cutlery, so the youngest kids can learn how to use a knive, fork and spoon safely. their meal will just taste better knowing miffy is with them too! we also have nice miffy plates and bowls that go with our cutlery sets. breakfast, lunch and dinner time will never be the same with our miffy silverware products.

discover our other silverware products

the silverware goodness in our webshop are not limited by cutlery. discover our other silverware items as well, such as our cute money boxes, photo frames and teething rings for our smallest miffy fans! every product has been made using the best and safest materials. for every age there is a miffy silverware product available. what will be your choice?

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