whether it’s the first baby room in the house, a nice present for a toddler, or a collector’s item for the long-known miffy fans: the homeware collection is here with lots of nice accessories for all miffy fans!

miffy homeware products

find miffy homeware online at miffy town’s webshop!

ranging from kitchenware to home accessories, miffy town’s homeware collection will help you to make your house a home. whether you’re looking for special items for a miffy-themed birthday celebration, or a cute mug to elevate your morning coffee, browse the products below to find your favorite miffy accessories!

find special miffy homeware for various occasions online in our webshop. you’ll find products such as:

  • rugs
  • silverware
  • lighting
  • mugs
  • placemats

and much more! miffy is the character that became a family friend over the last decades. many generations grew up with miffy and her friends in books, stories, and toys. the originally dutch character is now known worldwide for the friendly, innocent, and adventurous being it is, sharing sweet stories for the youngest fans. the older miffy fans enjoy passing this tradition on to their children and grandchildren, sharing a part of their upbringing with the new generations.

miffy home decor items

we all know miffy from the books and the stories, but nowadays we can bring miffy into our home in so many other ways. mugs, kitchenware, aprons for children, beautiful cozy lights, and posters, bring the iconic miffy as we know her into everyday life at home. at miffy town we want to support the playful development of young children around their awareness of plants and gardening. that’s why we are opening a green space at miffy town where miffy unites with nature. besides the green space, there will also be a variety of miffy green products such as posters, decorated flower containers, flowers in miffy style, and much more. that brings nature back into your interior and provides young children with an opportunity to learn more about nature in a playful way with miffy as they know her.

miffy accessories for the nursery

a peaceful environment for your baby or toddler is created with cute miffy rugs, on the wall or on the floor. lion, miffy, melanie and snuffy are all available as soft and cute rugs. besides that, the lighting provides a sense of safety and calm, with the trusted image of miffy and her friends without being too bright before bedtime. it’s the details for your children’s rooms that make their place a warm, cozy, and trusted room with miffy and her friends.

order miffy homeware online at miffy town

at miffy town, we’re very excited to bring miffy into your lives and homes. we’re opening a special experience where you will get to know miffy better than ever before. meanwhile, find our special miffy product range online in our webshop. whether you’re looking for stationery, school items, home decoration, or special gifts and toys: at miffy town we’re happy to help you!

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