miffy’s wax amaryllis


our handmade wax amaryllis bulb is a specially selected one that doesn’t need water. the bulb contains enough energy to grow and bloom. on the wax bulb, you can see an image of Miffy, which adds an extra cozy atmosphere to your home.

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as simple as possible: just bring home this amaryllis bulb and, in three weeks, enjoy amazing blooming! no water, no additional efforts. thanks to the unique support, miffy’s amaryllis wax Bulb can be placed anywhere. this iron support ensures that the amaryllis bulb remains upright and doesn’t fall over under the weight of the large flowers.

  • flower height: 40-60 cm / 15.8-23.6 inch
  • color of flowers: red
  • available: from september
  • flowering period: in three weeks after delivery


  • light: sun to half shade
  • quantity: 1 bulb
  • packaging size: Ø 11 x H 22 cm / Ø 4.3 x  H 8.7 inch
  • not suitable for children under 3 years. for use under adult supervision.

packing contents:

  • 1 amaryllis red lion
  • 1 ruler

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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 17.7 × 2 × 10.6 in