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please note: plant the bulbs as soon as possible!


  1. find the perfect spot
    chose a nice spot in your garden where you want to plant it. the flowers love sunlight, so make sure the area gets plenty of it throughout the day.
  2. prepare the soil
    grab a small shovel and find a spot in the soil where you’d like to plant your bulbs. gently dig a small hole in the soil using the tip of the shovel. the hole should be deep enough for the bulb, usually around 2-3 times the height of the bulb itself.
  3. planting time
    hold the bulb in your hand and take a look at it. you’ll notice that one end is pointy or has a little tip. this tip is like the bulb’s head, and it wants to see the sky! place the bulb into the hole you dug, making sure to position it with the tip facing upward (towards the sky). then, cover the bulb gently with soil, ensuring that it is snug and surrounded by soil.
  4. give them space
    bulbs need some personal space to grow and spread their roots. make sure to give each bulb some room by spacing them apart.
  5. water with care
    water your newly planted bulbs with love and care. use a watering can or a gentle spray from a hose to moisten the soil around the bulbs. be careful not to overwater; just give them a nice, even sprinkle. remember to water regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

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